Journal of Biomedicine and Biosensors

Review Article

Biomedicine in 21st century by Huaier: The practical health maintenance and successful recovery from cancer

  • By Manami Tanaka, Tomoo Tanaka, Fei Teng, Hong Lin, Ning Li, Zhu Luo, Sotaro Sadahito, Toshiyuki Suzuki, Ding Wei, Zhengxin Lu - 12 Dec 2022
  • Journal of Biomedicine and Biosensors, Volume: 1, Issue: 1, Pages: 33 - 56
  • Received: 20 June 2021; Accepted: 4 August 2021; First Online: 12 August 2021


Cell is full of signals and networks, which link intensively each other. In Figure 1, the symbolic network, intra-cellular multi-signal trafficking on metabolic pathways were shown with a comparison to integrated circuit (IC) chart. These panels showed strong similarity between integrated signal traffics in the cell and the superconductor substrate.