Journal of Biomedicine and Biosensors

Review Article

Current Trend in Proteomics in Nigeria: Infectious Disease

  • By Christopher Ifunanya Chukwu, Rhoda Nwalozie, RoseMary Kaiso Esiere, Brenda Anyakwe Nnokam - 30 Dec 2023
  • Journal of Biomedicine and Biosensors, Volume: 3, Issue: 4, Pages: 16 - 28
  • Received: October 26, 2023; Accepted: December 21, 2023; Published: December 31, 2023


Infectious diseases pose a substantial public health challenge in Nigeria, necessitating innovative approaches for mitigation. Proteomics, the study of proteins fundamental to cellular function and host-pathogen interactions, offers valuable insights into disease mechanisms and facilitates the development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. This review delves into proteomic techniques used by Nigerian researchers to investigate infectious diseases, emphasizing their role in identifying novel biomarkers for early disease detection and monitoring. Furthermore, it explores how proteomics contributes to drug target discovery and vaccine development, particularly within the Nigerian context, shedding light on intricate molecular host-pathogen interactions. This review carries significant importance on multiple fronts. It addresses the persistent threat of infectious diseases in Nigeria, providing a comprehensive resource for researchers and healthcare professionals. Additionally, it highlights the progress made by Nigerian scientists in proteomics, showcasing the nation's scientific capabilities. Moreover, by emphasizing the value of proteomics in biomarker identification and vaccine development, it contributes to more effective disease management in Nigeria. Furthermore, this review recognizes the challenges faced by proteomics researchers in Nigeria, including financial constraints and infrastructure limitations, stressing the need for increased support and investment in this vital field. Overall, the review offered a comprehensive overview of current proteomics research trends in Nigeria, with a specific focus on infectious diseases.